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Meet Mompreneur Melissa aka Mrs. Push

By Brook Cosby

Celebrating the birth of a new baby is a joy shared by family and friends around the world, but in recent decades a new trend has come to America unique to the new parents themselves: the push present. The tradition of honoring mothers for the hard work of carrying a baby to term is nothing new; sources indicate that gifts of gold and precious stones have long been offered to new mothers in India, Greece, and elsewhere. But the modern push present is a new and growing phenomenon among parents in the US.

For partners seeking answers to the question, "what the heck is a push present and where do I buy one?" Atlanta mom of three Melissa Mor, founder of the online jewelry store Mrs. Push, is here to save the day.

A former fashion executive in New York City, Melissa started curating push presents as an ecommerce business roughly a year ago, following the birth of her third child. Because by baby number three, even after thrice explaining the concept to her loving and supportive husband -- and sending links to a wide variety of reasonably priced pieces to commemorate the occasion(s) -- he was still confused as to what a push present was and where to find one.

If her on-board-to-commemorate-baby-births-with-jewelry husband was finding it this hard to identify a push present, she knew there was a market for a solution. She took her professional experience as both a womenswear buyer and an ecommerce specialist, and she turned her focus to jewelry. She's fortunate, she admits, that she had already made the switch from working in showrooms buying collections in person to working from home on the ecommerce and social media side of the business. This experience made launching her own business an achievable dream, as she's able to do it primarily from home and around her children's schedules. Buying trips still happen, but they're the exception now rather than the rule.

Mrs. Push carries a wide variety of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and charms at varying price points from a range of jewellers (fine to fashion), all suitable as gifts to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Pieces feature birthstones or letters of the alphabet, or can be customized (with engraving or otherwise) to denote a name, initials, birthdate and more. In other words, Melissa has done the hard work of curating a rich selection of appropriate pieces and is offering them all in one place:

Now that she's established her business, she's pleased to share that while she never received an "official" push present, she's gone from zero commemorative pieces to too many to count. In the process of determining which lines and which styles to carry on her site, she's ordered dozens of iterations with her children's names, initials, etc. And her husband was so grateful to see a world of options literally laid out for him to choose from, he now happily weighs in on pieces that feel meaningful to them as a couple and reflect the unique character of each of their children.

Her husband isn't the only one thrilled by the launch of Mrs. Push... Melissa's two young daughters delight in perusing their mother's collection of samples and cherish her custom pieces that signify each of their births. Her girls also eagerly volunteer for photoshoots, loving any chance to handle the precious and semi-precious jewels that their mother has chosen both for the push present collection and also for the new "mom and mini" collection of mother-daughter coordinated jewelry.

Melissa's favorite pieces? She loves the Adore Heart Birthstone Charm from Imperfect Grace. "It's subtle, but you can bling it up if you want with the mini letter charms." And she sings the praises of the entire Kelly Bello line for offering elegant and meaningful momentos at an accessible price point.

Expecting or not, shop now.


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