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Our Corporate Membership Packages are an incredible perk for your employees. Supporting parents results in improved retention rates, and improved mental health outcomes. Want to be a great employer? Consider getting a bundle of Annual memberships or Lesson Passes to help your team members feel supported as they become parents. 


Mothers report that when their organization cares about them, they are "3.4x more likely to have high job satisfaction, 2.7x more likely to have high organizational commitment, 2.1x more likely to be high in stress management, and 1.9x more likely to be highly engaged."*


What we offer your company:

Discounted memberships.

Recognition as a Company Partner on our website and social media.

Easy implementation—both for your company and your employees.

No sale of employee information to third parties; no sale of third party products

The support we provide to working moms makes us a valuable strategic partner for organizations committed to being a family-friendly workplace and meeting DEI goals. 

Who can you sign up:

Employees or their partners who are:

Currently Pregnant

Mothers of young children, from newborn to age 3

Join MESH Moms: Empowering Women Through Pregnancy & Early Childhood
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