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MESH moms is a membership-based support network for moms

Our Mission

MESH moms exists to create supportive relationships for growing families, from pregnancy through the preschool years. 


We believe in the power of in-person experiences, as well as online connection, to create an inclusive, judgment-free community — a place to ask questions, share advice, learn from experts, and simply be together through the joyous uncertainty of motherhood. 


Our hope is that by sharing your motherhood journey with this greater Atlanta community, you and your little ones will develop friendships to last a lifetime.  


Martina Stellmaszek and Juliana Caspari are two moms figuring out motherhood just like you! We are longtime friends, sharing our ups and downs as we raise our combined seven children. Over the years, we became aware that despite our friendship, we were missing a greater community: the proverbial village. We often felt isolated and very alone. We founded MESH moms to offer you what we most wanted in those early days: a network of support to catch you when you fall, and the shared experiences that create friendships which hopefully last a lifetime.


Martina and Juliana have both been working moms, full-time moms, pro-bono working moms, and are now moms establishing the MESH moms community. In addition to their love of family, they share passions for global travel, languages, and the outdoors, especially skiing. 


Martina has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and earned her MBA from Emory University. She worked for over a decade in global trade and development, most recently as President & CEO of an international non-profit. Her four children range from age 1 to 9.

MESH Moms mother's club in the Atlanta area


Juliana holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering & Management, and has dedicated her career to business consulting, most recently as the head of strategy at an international insurance company. She has three children, ages 4 to 7.

MESH Moms mother's club in the Atlanta area
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