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Bottoms Up - MESH moms review Freestyle

By Brook Cosby 

Diapers have a big job to do, and finding the right fit for your little one can feel overwhelming. So many features to compare and priorities to weigh… How to make sense of it all? MESH moms took on this challenge by doing what we do best: working together. Three mamas in the thick of the diaper changing years teamed up to test out a new brand: Freestyle Diapers.

On aesthetics alone, Freestyle Diapers appealed to us before we even took them off the shelf. The designs are fresh and modern, an uplifting touch that we can all appreciate when tackling the nth blowout of the day…

And their sustainability angle is impressive. Freestyle is the only brand we’re aware of that is 100% bamboo, meaning no trees were cut down to create them – and we all know how important trees are for absorbing carbon and mitigating climate change in other ways. Considering that diaper use across the USA is in the billions per year, switching to a fully bamboo diaper could be a meaningful way to help the environment. And as we would expect, Freestyle Diapers are priced comparably to other clean/sustainable brands.

To see how well Freestyle Diapers work for those who wear them and change them, let’s turn to our team of moms and babies. Mom Abbey and son Declan (6 months, size 2), Mom Gabby and daughter Gia (2.5 years, size 5), and Mom Maaeah and daughter Zoelia (6 months, size 3) used Freestyle diapers for one week, day and night, and reported as follows on these key features:


“The package was easy to open, but I wish the diapers were oriented with the fold edge facing out – it would be easier to pull them out that way.”

-- Abbey


All three moms agreed that the diapers fit true to size and stayed on well. None of the babies had any marks following wear. There’s some concern regarding the fastener tabs and leg elastic.

“No signs of discomfort.” – Gabby

“They hugged her snuggly and comfortably, but the leg elastics bunched up around her thighs, making them less leak proof. The absorbency so good though that didn’t make a huge difference.” – Maaeah

“Opening up the tabs was slightly difficult, but fastening them on my wiggly six-month-old was easy.” – Abbey


All agreed the absorbency was excellent, even overnight.

“The diaper was full in the morning, but dry – and it felt significantly lighter in comparison to other brands!” – Maaeah

Skin Sensitivity

My daughter is very sensitive to new products, and she did not have any rash with Freestyle Diapers.” – Gabby

With feedback like this, we can only conclude that Freestyle Diapers are an excellent choice to keep your little one comfortable and dry. Plus their eco-friendly materials help set your conscience at ease while their designs offer a simple nod of style for your own enjoyment. To give them a try, visit their website to set up delivery service or find a list of stores near you!


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