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MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

Pregnant or recently
had a baby?

MESH moms is a membership-based support network for moms with a special focus on pregnancy and the early childhood years.

MESH Moms: Building Strong Bonds & Overcoming Motherhood Challenges

Why do it alone when you can have
a village?

We believe that motherhood is extraordinary — and at times, it can be extraordinarily hard. Ask any mom about the challenges and you’ll hear words like sleep deprivation, stress management, feeding difficulties, and more. But one thing that nearly every mom goes through but rarely talks about —whether out of guilt or the fear of being judged — is the feeling of isolation.


Raising little humans who demand your time, attention, and energy day in and day out can be physically and mentally taxing. 

Connect with MESH Moms: Support & Friendship for Moms Everywhere

Here is where we can help!

MESH moms is all about connecting and empowering women during pregnancy and the duration of the early childhood years. We are here to help you put fears, insecurities, and struggles to rest. By coming together with other moms, you will belong to a powerful and resourceful network to help you navigate the challenges of motherhood and build lasting friendships along the way. MESH moms embraces diversity and welcomes mothers from all backgrounds and parenting styles, as well as working moms, stay at home moms and every iteration in between. We invite you to join us in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for every mom to thrive.


Peer groups, in-person and virtual events, members only chat threads.

A six week small group series for the 4th trimester led by a Postpartum Doula.

Virtual education for moms living outside our established in-person communities.

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area


 Step 1 


Sign up

Click join us, pay your monthly or annual fee* and fill out your member profile.  

*If you decide our Annual Membership is not right for you, you can cancel within 14 days and receive a refund. 

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

 Step 2 



Join the peer group aligned with your child's due or birthdate, as well as any other special interest groups to connect with other like-minded moms. 

 Step 3 



The more you put in, the more you get out! Attend our events and participate in our members only chat threads. If you are expecting soon, sign up for a Postpartum Pod*


*additional fee, discounted for members

What Our Moms Say

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

"I wasn’t sure about joining a mother’s club… As a first time mom in my 40’s and a single parent by choice, I was afraid I wouldn’t have much in common with the other women and that the experience might make me feel more isolated than connected. I was wrong! Despite (or because of?) our differences, I have found genuine connection, support, reassurance and a welcome dose of humor and commiseration with my fellow new moms. I’m grateful I took the plunge and signed up ‒ this community has brought wonderful new friendships into my daughter’s and my life, friendships that I hope to maintain for years to come."

Brook C. - Single Mom of One

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

"I met Martina as a new mom; my first born is the same age as her fourth child. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I am grateful beyond mathematical measure for her friendship, guidance and perspective as I navigated newborn motherhood and beyond. Through get-togethers with her and her network of local moms ‒ meeting regularly for coffee, stroller walks, carrier hikes, play dates and even childless ventures out ‒ I have seen firsthand how critical it is to have supportive friendships during this phase of life. I’m so thrilled for the next wave(s) of new moms to have her years of experience guiding the MESH moms community. She is the humble, confident, funny, patient and wise mom friend we all need."

Kathleen M. - Mom of One

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

"Having children has turned my life into a joyous chaotic adventure, and I have found so much fulfillment and joy by belonging to a mother’s club. My husband and I are raising our two children in our hometown, and we’re lucky to have family and lots of local support, BUT what was missing was a community of moms going through the same milestones. I knew I needed a resource beyond Google… When I joined my local Mom's group shortly after the birth of my second child, I connected with the cohort of women whose babies were all born within three months of my daughter. These women have become fun friends to enjoy a glass of wine with, ping for advice when we had norovirus, go on walks and hikes with, and share formula when someone's delivery doesn't arrive. They make me laugh and lift me up when motherhood is hard ‒ and they never judge. Raising children takes a village; my mom network has helped me build a special "village" that I know will be a strong foundation for my children as they grow up."

Natalie N. - Mom of Two

Find Confidence in Motherhood with MESH Moms: Join Our Network

MESH moms
in the Media

Navigate Motherhood Together with MESH Moms: Join Today!
Embrace Diversity with MESH Moms: A Support Network for Every Mom

"Raising a family is an ever-evolving process, and being connected to a community of moms on the same journey is an invaluable resource. And often the foundation of lifelong friendships, both for moms and their little ones" 

"Whether you’re about to embark on your motherhood journey, you’re in the early stages, or you’re in the trenches with the toddler years… MESH moms has a place for you."

"MESH moms exemplifies the concept that mothers within our community are like a mesh, woven together to provide mutual support." 

MESH Moms: Creating an Inclusive Environment for Every Mother
Navigate Motherhood Together with MESH Moms: Join Today!

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Find Confidence in Motherhood with MESH Moms: Join Our Network

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