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What Our Moms Say

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

"I wasn’t sure about joining a mother’s club… As a first time mom in my 40’s and a single parent by choice, I was afraid I wouldn’t have much in common with the other women and that the experience might make me feel more isolated than connected. I was wrong! Despite (or because of?) our differences, I have found genuine connection, support, reassurance and a welcome dose of humor and commiseration with my fellow new moms. I’m grateful I took the plunge and signed up ‒ this community has brought wonderful new friendships into my daughter’s and my life, friendships that I hope to maintain for years to come."

Brook C. - Single Mom of One

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

"I met Juliana when we were both expecting a third child, and it was truly life changing to connect with and relate to someone who was going through similar experiences at the same time. Juliana and I supported each other by sharing resources and information, as well as some good laughs… I’m thrilled for the launch of MESH moms and the fulfilling friendships it will create between new moms in Atlanta. Juliana’s spirit of community and care is so affirming that I almost want to have another baby just to be part of it… almost!”  

Hannah T. - Mom of Three

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

"I met Martina as a new mom; my first born is the same age as her fourth child. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I am grateful beyond mathematical measure for her friendship, guidance and perspective as I navigated newborn motherhood and beyond. Through get-togethers with her and her network of local moms ‒ meeting regularly for coffee, stroller walks, carrier hikes, play dates and even childless ventures out ‒ I have seen firsthand how critical it is to have supportive friendships during this phase of life. I’m so thrilled for the next wave(s) of new moms to have her years of experience guiding the MESH moms community. She is the humble, confident, funny, patient and wise mom friend we all need."

Kathleen M. - Mom of One

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

"I initially met Martina through activities for our babies who are the same age, but I’ve gotten to really know her through board work. She is energetic, thoughtful, approachable and someone I have genuinely enjoyed working with. MESH moms is lucky to have her leadership, as I cannot say enough wonderful things about Martina as a mom and as a leader."  

Anna B. - Mom of Two

​MESH Moms - A mothers' club in the Atlanta area

"Having children has turned my life into a joyous chaotic adventure, and I have found so much fulfillment and joy by belonging to a mother’s club. My husband and I are raising our two children in our hometown, and we’re lucky to have family and lots of local support, BUT what was missing was a community of moms going through the same milestones. I knew I needed a resource beyond Google… When I joined my local Mom's group shortly after the birth of my second child, I connected with the cohort of women whose babies were all born within three months of my daughter. These women have become fun friends to enjoy a glass of wine with, ping for advice when we had norovirus, go on walks and hikes with, and share formula when someone's delivery doesn't arrive. They make me laugh and lift me up when motherhood is hard ‒ and they never judge. Raising children takes a village; my mom network has helped me build a special "village" that I know will be a strong foundation for my children as they grow up."

Natalie N. - Mom of Two

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